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A Love So Beautiful: Xiao Mei Hao Drama Review

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I've been on hiatus because of hectic graduate school schedule, but this drama is such a great hidden gem that I feel like I need to make this post in order to spread the words about this drama. 


Plot: 4.5/5 

The drama revolves around five friends and follows them through their high school until adulthood with the main focus on a pair of a childhood friend, Xiao Xi and Jiang Cheng. 

Xiao Xi harbors a crush on Jiang Chen (typical intelligent, handsome and aloof—like every male lead) and follows him around. Jiang Chen is well aware of her affection towards him and flats out rejects Xiao Xi’s confession. As the drama progresses, you realized that Jiang Cheng’s response is definitely not the reflection of his true feelings. There seems to be little progress in their relationship throughout the first two years of high school, not until another girl confessed her feelings for Jiang Chen and cause misunderstanding between the two. Xiao Xi vows to stop liking Jiang Chen and basically ignores him, this gives us a great opportunity to see Jiang Chen being uneasy that Xiao Xi is no longer following him around (our boy finally shows his feelings).

Originally, Jiang Chen was studying to enter a super prestigious school for Mathematics, however, he realizes that medicine as something he wants to study and decide to give up on a more well-known school for a lesser known school in medicine.  He also says that "the reason why he changes his mind is because he wants to study medicine, but also wants to stay by her side."  (melted when he said that). I would say that this was the turning point of their relationship, where Jiang Chen really admits to another person that he cares for Xiao Xi. 

(Literally could skip to episode 16-17 at this point—it’s mainly XiaoXi chasing after Jiang Chen for the first 16 episodes).

Xiao Xi actually failed her initial entrance exam to college and decided to do retake. With Jiang Chen's help and her personal determination, she actually successfully entered the college near Jiang Chen. After chasing after Jiang Chen for 3 years of high school (High school in Asia is only three years), Jiang Chen finally decided to show his feelings for her. The two becomes a couple.

Flash forward to three years later, Jiang Chen is busy with residency, while Xiao Xi is struggling to finish her graduation project and finding a job and new place to live. While the two are at a different point of their lives and stressed about their own respective lives, communication became their main issues. Misunderstandings occur and the two broke up. Jiang Chen decided to move to Shanghai at another famous hospital while XiaoXi stays and found a job.

Flashforward to another 3 years later (not sure why they’re all in increments of three years—feelings developed in 3 years of high school, dated for three years in college, broke up for three years) Xiao Xi ran into Jiang Chen again at the hospital as he moved back to the city, but with Wu Bo Song by her side. Once Jiang Chen found out that Bo Song and Xiao Xi are not dating each other, he tries to squeeze himself into the picture by creating different opportunities to talk to her.

Wu Bo Song tried to convince Xiao Xi to be with him, once he got rejected, he came to Jiang Chen to ask him to give up on her. Jiang Chen gave a speech on how he fell in love with Xiao Xi and how he cares for her (how no one is aware of how important her existence is to him). After the whole spiels, Jiang Chen did not know that Wu Bo Song actually called Xiao Xi during the conversation so she literally heard everything (main reason of their breakup was also because Xiao Xi was tired of being the one putting in more in the relationship and have to guess what Jiang Chen is feeling—he doesn’t really express himself). Of course, once the two got back together, all the sweetness occurs.

I won't spoil this part so go watch it for yourself! They're such an adorable couple!


Chen Xiao Xi, plays by Shen Yue.

Shen Yue did an amazing job portraying a bubbly and cute Xiao Xi that’s a bit silly, but completely loveable. Xiao Xi might be annoying to some, but I see her as someone that’s extremely courageous that’s willing to pursue her own happiness (whether it is Jiang Chen or drawing). Initially, she was a little bit more silly but you do grow to love her. Importantly, she represents someone that could truly succeed in a non-traditional way. (when your parents force you to study hard, because that’s the only way to be successful, but studying isn’t made for everyone, and certain people are good at different things). I also love how supportive Xiao Xi’s parents are. They know that their daughter isn’t cut out for studying, and supports her even when she failed her entrance exam.  She is more realistic and knows to draw the line (she stalks Jiang Chen but cuts off her love for him when she thought he cares for the other girl, or when she realizes that Jiang Chen doesn’t want to try for their relationship or doesn’t value her as much as she cares for him).  After their three years of breaking up, they met again and Xiao Xi did not blindly accept Jiang Chen back into her life. She makes him work for it and rejects him with several times. I would say that she isn’t stupid at all, she knows that she was hurt and therefore tries to avoid him in order to no get hurt again. I’m definitely a fan of Shen Yue after this drama. Definitely doing to look forward to seeing her in Meteor Garden 2018. 

Jiang Chen by Hu Yi Tian

Jiang Chen is our typical male lead, smart, cold, and quite aloof. There are many girls interested in him but it seems like he isn't interested in anyone. Can we please just settle down and admired Hu Yi Tian. He The reason why Hu Yi Tian is so fitting for this role is that of his minor expression. Jiang Chen's had a lot more character development than I've expected. I thought he would more like Zhi Shu from It Started with a Kiss (sorry for those that love Zhi Shu) but his character barely changed at all. Jiang Chen, on the other hand, became so much more expressive and was able to convey his honest feelings to Xiao Xi. He was the first to chase after Xiao Xi again because he did not want to lose her, and he was also the one that told her that they will get back together. I just love how his guy is so adorable with his facial expression and also so good in apologizing. He begged her for forgiveness and that's how he got his girl back. For those that think that he doesn't try hard for Xiao Xi, you gotta watch the last three episodes to really realized that he cares for her. 

Music: 4/5
Nothing to not like about the music. The introduction song is adorable, and lively which is a great representation of their youthful days. I initially thought this drama was Taiwanese because the introduction song sounds very much like it. 

Overall: 4.5/5
The plot is definitely not very original, as some did mention the resemblance between this drama and It started with a Kiss. Our genius male lead with cold personality falls in love with a silly, down-to-earth, and hard working female lead. The girl chases after the boy and somehow miraculously, he also reciprocates her feelings even though she’s not the best candidate for him. This drama is everything, and it hits the right spot for me.  If you haven’t seen You’re the Apples of My Eyes (Na Xie Nian) and Our Times, highly highly recommend those, you’ll notice that the high school theme drama are def my fav because they’re just so raw and realistic, and reminds you of those carefree days. I love these kinds of coming of age sort of show.
Totally recommend this for those that want to watch some cute eye candies and reminiscence their youthful days. 

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Goodbye Jonghyun

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I wrote this post with a heavy heart because I've felt such overwhelming feelings since seeing the news of Jonghyun passing.

Personally, SHINee was my ultimate favorite boyband with Taemin and Jonghyun as my favorite members. SHINee played such a large part of my high school life, when I was obsessing over their Hello Baby Show or learning how to dance their Lucifer. As I gradually transitioned to college, I also gradually drifted away from Kpop and hence stopped following Shinee. I still see their news and comeback, but never as fully devoted as I was originally.

I woke up that 6AM morning 12/18/ 2017, with a text from both my boyfriend and high school friend, asking if I've seen the news yet. I immediately scrolled through facebook. I saw a post stating "Jonghyun Passed Away." I stared at the screen blankly without any feelings, from shock and disbelief. It still feel so surreal to think that he's no longer there.

As a fan, I obviously don't know Jonghyun personally, and some might think that I'm exaggerating, but I've had waves of sadness thinking about him. My heart is so heavy.

I've heard so many news about celebrities passing away, but nothing hit me as hard as news of Jonghyun passing. I can still hear his voice in my head when he hits the high notes in Breath when he sang long with Taeyeon. Reading about fans comment and more news of twitter just reminds me that he is really gone. I was trying to study for an exam, but my mind couldn't focus on the materials, but rather on how much pain it must have been for him. It took me another day to get over this and write a post, because I felt like I would've break down writing my personal message to Jonghyun. I've regret not following Shinee anymore, because maybe If i've written a letter to Jonghyun, letting him know that he's amazing, then maybe he won't feel as sad anymore. I know I'm being very silly, but I can't imagine how the other people around him and knows him personally, how much pain they are going through right now and how much they're blaming themselves and how much regrets they must have right now.

Dear Angel Jonghyun,

I hope you're resting well in heaven.
I'm sorry that you have to keep those negative feelings to yourself. and I hope you're no longer in pain.
How much pain must be be going through, while hiding that pain behind those smiles. The pain must have been unbearable for you to believe that dying was better than living.
I'm never going to forget the talented Kim Jonghyun that makes my heart fluttered as a high school girl. 
Please rest in peace and you have done more than enough to contribute to the music community. 

-Your Shawol 

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Princess Agents Brief Summary/ Cute Moments Episode 1-8

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I've left this blog for almost three-four years now. Time really flies. College/work/and other life priorities have been keeping me from posting. True props to active bloggers that take the time out of their personal life and make such great posts. Especially since they are much more time consuming than people think.

My comeback post is going to be my current drama obsession "PRINCESS AGENT" starring Zhao Li Ying, Lin Geng Xing and Shawn Dou.

Zhao Li Ying is seriously one of my woman's crush. I've adored her since Prime Minister and I, and Boss and Me. She just keep on getting better and better. She definitely shed away her baby fat and took on a more serious role.
She is literally so freaking cute

This post is dedicated to the cute/romantic moments within the first 8 episodes. I shipped Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xing so freaking hard.

Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xing

Shawn Dou is also a cutie, and I can totally see him as the second male lead that makes all the females go gaga over him. I'm a sucker for the second lead also, but his interactions with Zhao LiYing is definitely not as significant as Lin Geng Xing in the first 8 episodes. (Spoilers: Zhao Li Ying eventually falls in love with Shawn Dou's character. He got too power hungry and used her for his own benefits, therefore she gave up him).

First impression of the first 10 episodes would be "CRUEL" 

Quick Summary (contain spoilers): 

The story sets in Northern and Southern Dynasties, where slaves/ birth rights basically determine your future, your behaviors, basically the values of your life. Jin Xiao Liu (Zhao Li Ying), a slave girl whose life of intertwined with the royal families and how she basically used her wits/natural talents to become one of the best spies in the nation and end slavery. 

Our badass Zhao Li Ying

What makes the story interesting is the fact that Jin Xiao Liu (Little Six) is not actually Jin Xiao Liu. Her real name is Chu Jiao (I have some speculation about her background and I will reveal it in another post later on). Our female lead lost her memories and only live her life as Jin Xiao Liu. The beginning of the story shows frequent flashbacks and scenes in which she was training martial arts as a young child (which contributes to her ability learn martial arts and has extremely quick flexibility/strength)

The initial story begins with Xiao Liu got involved with the YuWen manor in which her entire adopted family are slaves/servant for. Xiao Liu and her siblings got pulled into the power struggles within the YuWen Mannor, which causes two of her older siblings to die, leaving her with two young, naive and helpless sisters, Xiao Qi and Xiao Ba (basically the numerical name, Little Seven and Little Eight). Xiao Liu swore that she will protect her sisters no matter what, even if it costs her her life. 

Yu Wen Yue, our male lead, kills Xiao Liu's older adopted brother. He's the fourth young master of the YuWen Manor, and also the secret descendant of the spy organization, God's Eye.
Despite witnessing her brother's death and wanting to avenged her siblings, Xiao Liu also knew that her priority at this moment would be to stay alive. Xiao Liu knew that with her low status, there is no way for her to protect her sisters unless she is able to climb up the ladder somehow. (This is what I really like about her characters, she's smart and she knows her priorities).

Xiao Liu became the Chamber Maid for the young master, Yu Wen Yue (of course through a series of trials). Being a chamber maid means you literally are in their sleeping chamberYu Wen Yue know that Xiao Liu had ulterior motives in becoming his chamber/personal maid. At the same time, he's attracted and appalled by her wits/ photographic memory and her natural talents to become a great spy therefore naturally take her in under his wings and test her loyalty and her talents at the same time. He gave her a new name "Xing'er", which is a more endearing way of saying "Star"

Just a disclaimer that I am not recapping all the episodes, but rather recapping my favorite moments for this couple. It is of course not all the interactions, but these are my personal favorite, or turning point of their relationship.

LiYing & GengXing Best interaction #1

In the beginning of episode 5, Yu Wen Yue asked Xing'er to shave for him using a knife. Of course this is one of this test of loyalty because he knows that she has the motive of killing him to avenge her. If she has the chance to kill him using the knife, right there and then, would she have done it?

For a brief moment, Xing'er had an internal struggle, reminiscing the exact moment of YuWen Yue killing her adopted brother. Yet, she decided not to do anything about it. Our male lead also questions her because she had a chance to kill him, why not do it?

Xing'er indicated that she wouldn't dare to, however YuWen Yue beg differ and believes that she has the guts to. He also threatens her with the life of her younger sisters. This is YuWen Yue's warning that he could easily end their lives if she dare to do anything stupid.

Xing'er knows her limits and priority. You Go coco! Gotta strengthen yourself first and climb the social ladder to become better than them.

LiYing & GengXing Interaction #2

Xing'er fell asleep on GengXing's bed and he just stares at her. This is the initial point where GengXing displays a hint of emotions of Xing'er. He doesn't show any facial emotion, but the fact that he's just sitting there, staring at her, shows that he has some interest in her.

If you have been observing Yu Wen Yue, he cares about very little amount of people. He seems disinterested in everything.

You never see him show any emotions or even look at any of the maids. Yet, WenYue actually puts a blanket on Xing'er.
He could have left her there and not do anything but he chose to covers her up.

Please keep in mind the social status at this time, he is a young Master, of high status, and she is a slave whose life is worthless.

Next morning, Xing'er woke up and realized that she was on the same bed and under the same blanket. She immediately freaked out and questioned if anything happened the night before.

YuWen Yue of course attacked her and indicated that she needs to know some martial art if she's going to be serving him. He started showing her some moves.

Once Xing'er picks up on the moves, she started fighting with her master. Somehow the fight scene becomes this romantic dance scene where he holds her up and they twirl around.

Of course this moment got interrupted by our annoying maid, Jin Zhu (Pearl). She walked in when he's holding her hostage from their martial art practices, but it seems to others as if they're displaying affection. Awksssss

YuWen Yue even feeds her soup in front of the maid. The maid immediately noticed blood on the bedsheet (from him cutting her hand) but of course it indicates something different. She's assuming our OTP had some sexy time the night before and got even more jealous.

LiYing & GengXing Interaction #3

In Episode 7, YuWen Manor got broken into by assassin, which distracts Yue Qi (YuWen Yue's righthand man). Instead, the ice figure poisoned YuWen Yue, making him completely weak and unable to exerts energy.

Xing'er witnessed her master being completely helpless, and swung the sword. YuWen Yue was under the impression that she would kill him, recalling how her adopted brother died. However, Xing'er swung the sword to kill a poisonous snake that was near YuWen Yue and fainted.

This moment was also crucial because Xing'er had almost a perfect chance to kill him, but she didn't. The true reason why she gave up on killing up could be due to two things.

1. She is truly ambitious and wants to learn all the skills he is teaching her. She does not want to kill him yet because she knows that she will be able to use martial art skills that he taught her in the future. She wants to use him in the future.

2. She knew that Yue Qi (guard) was coming back and changed her mind at the last second.

Nevertheless, Xing'er fainted and YuWen Yue used his internal strength to help her.

Once they called the doctor to examined YuWen Yue of his injuries, he also asked the doctor to examined her. The doctor refuses because she is a slave and isn't worthy of his time. YuWen Yue threatens the doctor and indicated that he will change the doctor's rank to a slave if he doesn't do so. This shows his protective side of him towards her.

LiYing & GengXing Interaction #4

In episode 8, YuWen Yue used his "neigong" to help save Xing'er. During this process, Xing'er had flashbacks of her childhood memories.

After saving Xing'er, Yu WenYue told his guard that he lost his vision. While Yue Qi (guard) questioned why he's wasting his effort on a maid, Wen Yue indicated that she isn't purely just a maid. He suspect that either Jin Zhu (evil maid) or Xing'er could be the spy/culprit behind his grandfather's murder. At the end of their conversation, you see that YuWen Yue was breathing heavily, which shows that he used a good chunk of his energy to save her life.
I believe that he's lying to both himself and Yue Qi. For someone that's nickname "Ice man" and he never shows an inch of interest in other people, he exerted his energy on a maid. This is  one of the subtle moment where viewers have a glimps at the fact that he cares for her.

LiYing & GengXing Interaction #5

In episode 8, YuWen Yue called Xing'er out for her actions while dealing with Jin Zhu (evil maid). YuWen Yue explained his reasoning, indicating that even when he's blind, he knows her every move.

At one point, he held onto her arm very strongly which caused Xing'er to grasp in pain.

The cute part of this is when YuWen Yue apologized and asked if she was okay? C'mon guys, this guys didn't even care when he was hitting her with a sword, or even have her practice with arrows, yet apologizes when he gripped her arms too hard?
This is the second slips by our Young Master indicating that he really cares for her.

When YuWen Yue kicks Xing'er out of his reading room, he told her to leave because she's an eyesore. Xing'er retort by saying that how is she an eyesore when he can't see. I laughed out loud for a second. Wen Yue told Xing'er that he's blind, but he's not deaf and upon hearing that, she immediately apologized. She didn't seem very apologetic though. Wen Yue also calls her out by mentioning that he can't see, as if she wants the whole city to know. Xing'er once again apologized for her action despite not meaning it at all.

This is another turning point, showing Xing'er's sassy side. She isn't afraid to say or feel anything. This also marks a new point in their relationship because Xing'er is being able to report and sass out in front of her young master.

YASSSSS! I'm sure you guys are as excited as I am about this drama. Will be doing the next 8 episodes recaps of cute scenes in a bit. There are much more in the next 8 episodes as you can tell Yu Wen Yue is showing his feelings towards Xing'er a lot more

GIFs are all made by me. Please give credit if you're planning to use the gif for your own blog.
Since I'm still new with this blogging world, please feel free to give me constructive criticism on my writing/editing styles. Also leave a comment if you're also obsessed with this current drama

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Queen In Hyun's Man Review

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Combining both a drama challenge along with drama review, since I realized I wrote so much for this drama, might as well make a Drama review out of it...

Day 8: Your favorite Korean Drama?

 This was an easy one. Because I just recently rewatched this drama, and by far it is one of the cutest ROM-COM I've ever watched.
Queen In-Hyun's Man

Plot: 5/5
The drama is about a top scholar, Gim Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo) , from Joseon Era who was given a magical talisman that allowed him to escaped the brink of death by traveling 300 years into the future.The background story revolved around a historical figure Queen In-Hyun who was framed in the past and exiled/isolated for a period of time, but got reinstated later on. Gim Boong Do, our leading man in this case is the Queen's trusted man whose goal is to helped Queen In-hyun restore her position and put the Western Minister (our antagonist) in jail. However, restoring the queen's position wasn't an easy task because the Minister was constantly out to kill our Gim Boong Do. This is why he was placed in life-and-death situation many times, which explained many occasions of him traveling to the future.

In the future, he met a naive and straight forward new comer actress. Choi Hee Jin (Yoo In Na),  who got the role of Queen In-hyun in a new adaptation drama. His fate with Queen In-Hyun's didnt end with just the Joseon Era but also entertwine with the present Queen in-Hyun. He began to helped Hee Jin as she was bullied by fellow cast members while she helped him adapt to the future. The cause and effect chain falls upon the two when they fell in love but distanced each other by 300 years. Both had to battle time and the mysterious evilness constantly lurking over Gim Boong Do's life in Joseon Era. 

The plot is very interesting. Not something completely new (somewhat resembled Rooftop Prince), but the execution of the plot is very unique. There was never a boring moment in the drama, and their illustration of the domino effect of someone from 300 years ago falling for someone in the present is more acceptable than Rooftop Prince. At one point, the talisman was torn and their explanation of how both of them forgot everything and created a "gap" in time.
Moreover, most of the couple stuff in this drama is way too cheesy, yet acceptable because both leading casts made it so natural. (They dated in real life for a while, but recently broke up). The kissing scenes were good. I hate watching dramas with awkward kissing scenes, like PLEASE! HAVE SOME LIPS MOVEMENT! you can't kiss like that in real life right? 

Overall, the plot is great! I love love it! I dont normally gives drama full marks, but this is one of the exception. Except the ending doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's a good ending and I'm okay with that.

Characterization: 4/5
One of my pet peeves while watching kdrama is seeing a stupid female lead making a fool out of herself. the female lead Choi Hee Jin, is naive, but not stupid. I like her personality a lot. She did whatever she could to help the person she liked, recklessly without thinking of the consequence.
Gim Boong Do is a great leading man as he was knowledgable, smart and such a gentleman. He was able to remember most things in the future and quickly adapt to the future, but he new how Hee Jin tricked him about the kiss and everything but he played it off cool and just laughed it off. Which is CUTEE! :D
Most of the other characters are quite loveable. The assistant manager and her back ground check Gim Boong Do was quite cute. How she repeatedly asked him the same questions three times was really cute.

One bright side of this drama was that, there was absolutely no misunderstanding or any sort. I hate those moments of misunderstanding and wrong timing in drama, but those didn't happen in the drama. Also, there was no antagonist in the drama. Maybe Han Dong Min, but he wasn't even considered a love rival since Hee Jin never truly loved him. 

Sound track: 4/5
Somewhat a typical sad ballad in the drama. but no matter what, it is still a good song.  My favorite song is called "Another time, same Sky" by Joo Hee of 8eight. This song completely explains the relationship between Boong Do and Hee Jin. It explains the yearning and desire of the two to be together. Their love was not meant to be, it was sad and it hurted both in many ways, but they both didn't give up and continued to wait or the other person to come back. This song made be cried whenever it plays in the drama. SHO SAD.

Here's a translation: Credit. Popsaga
As I wait for you with nothing to do
My welled up tears are dyed with the sunset
You, who is waiting for me at the other side of time
Are rushing my heart again
Under the same sky, in a different time
Our sad love has tangled
I place my earnest heart in the moonlight
So I can shine brightly wherever you are
A person like you, I’m so thankful to you
My love can’t be entirely expressed with just words
Though the rough times bruises and hurts me
You protected me in your embrace

Under the same sky, in a different time
Our sad love has tangled
I place my earnest heart in the moonlight
So I can touch you wherever you are
My love
Under the same sky, in a different time
This sad love can never be
I will become the moonlight in the dusk sky and shine on you
So you can find your way back to me

Overall a great drama! TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE WHO'S LOOKING FOR A DRAMA TO WATCH. YOO IN NA is a great actress. Watch it before going to Kcon since she will be there! hahaha

Boss & Me Cute Moments Ep 1-5

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English Title: Boss & Me
Chinese Title: 杉杉来吃
Cast: Zhao Li Ying, Zhang Han
# of Episodes: 33, 3 episodes a day
Airing Days: July 2nd
Broadcasting Station: Jiangsu Satellite TV
Boss and Me or 杉杉来吃 aka (Come and Eat Shan Shan) is the newest romantic comedy drama airing in China, also an adaptation from the famous novel by Gu Man.

The drama is about an innocent, naive and glutton girl, Xue Shan Shan, who loves to eat. She works at the big conglomerate, Feng Teng, and have a rare blood type AB RH negative and beccomes the blood donor for her big boss's sister. To repay for her kindness, the boss's sister prepares daily lunches for both Feng Teng and Shan Shan and have it delivered it to her work everyday. People from the company misunderstood Shan Shan's relationship with "Big Boss" (Da Lao Ban) Feng Teng. Feng Teng learned about Shan Shan's personality and grown to like her, but the naive Shan Shan knows nothing about love and mistaken Feng Teng's treatment towards her as a form of bully. Shan Shan naively thinks that Feng Teng is feeding her in order to get the rare blood from her. Their love story begins before Shan Shan knows it.
First of all, the drama is not dubbed! which is rare and a smart move from the director. The well-known director for the drama Bull Fighting and P.S. Man is directing this drama! It's no wonder that it has a very Taiwanese rom-com feel to it. I love the fact that I can hear their real voice, because it displays their real emotion! it's not overly dramatic like the dubbed one.

Zhao Li Ying plays Xue Shan Shan, our main heroine, and I can't have it any other way. Shan Shan is a bubbly, cute, and completely clueless when it comes to love. Her specialties include eating, sleeping and eating and sleeping. She's not good at work, but tries her best at whatever she does. Sounds like a typical female lead who gets the guy in every drama... and she does get the guy in the end (or at least in the novel). But in this case, Shan Shan isn't annoying at all. Her character is super loveable and funny, to the point that you never think a person can have that kind of mindset. 
 Li Ying is super cute and she portrait Shan Shan perfectly, or she pinpoint exactly how I imagined Xue Shan Shan to be. I know some Chinese fans don't like Li Ying, because apparently she's a b*** in real life, but we never know and I'm fine with it as long as she's good at acting.
The analogy in this drama is that Feng Teng is a wolf and Shan Shan's a pig. The wolf wants to feed the pig until it's fatter and has more meat so it will taste better, but in the end the wolf fell in love with the pig and let it free. Yet the pig have grown attached to the wolf and doesn't want to leave.

Zhang Han plays Feng Teng, the cold CEO who doesn't care about many things other than work. He was initially intrigue by Shan Shan's optimism and gluttonness. Once he understood her mentality, how she thinks and how naive she is, his heart eventually melts and fell in love with the cute Shan Shan. Feng Teng doesn't displayed his love easily, he plays it cool on the outside and treat Shan Shan coldly. Ex: scared her about her job, make her study for exam, force her to pick vegetables for him. However, it is obvious that he's mean to her because he cares. He's the company CEO and she's still a new employee not under the company's full time contract, yet he eats lunch with her and invite her to be his dinner date to a party. It's no wonder that everyone from the company misunderstood their relationship.

Zhang Han isn't my first choice of Feng Teng. He's pretty okay looking, but a bit too bony (skinny) and serious. His face feels like it's straight out from a makjang drama. At scenes that I imagined Feng Teng to be smirking or something, I cant see Zhang Han making such expression. I saw him in Bu Yi Yang De Mei Nan Zi, and he was corny and cute with Gui Gui, but I don't see it in Boss and Me. I love him with Zheng Shuang (they dated in real life, and Zhang Han did say that he will forever love her even when they have broken up)... but for some reason, I can totally see him with Zhao Li Ying. Maybe it's because both of them are using their real voice so it just sounds very natural or because Zhao Li Ying is so good at portraying Shan Shan and Zhang Han is very good at his Feng Teng, that's why naturally their acting just fits the novel. 
Like seriously, what kind of guy cross their leg like that.... (sorry Zhang Han's fangirls...)--- -blocking any eggs and tomatoes thrown at me by Zhang Han's fangirl-.
His Face is too bony, so it looked really sharp and harsh?

Cute Moment #1
Shan Shan who got daily lunches from Feng Yue couldn't take the gossip behind her back as everyone have been speculating what is Shan Shan's relationship with Feng Teng. She found a new location to eat, not knowing that it is on the side of Feng Teng's office. The glasses is the type that outsiders cannot see what is going on inside, so Shan Shan cannot see Feng Teng's office at all, whereas Feng Teng can see Shan Shan's every movement. Feng Teng enjoys seeing Shan Shan eating her daily lunches and so he watches her eat while eating his lunch. It's kinda creepy when you think about it, but the drama made it looked so funny and cute! ;D TRUST!

Cute Moment #2
So Qi Shuai (super handsome) , is our second main lead who wasn't emphasized in the novel (i forgot if he even existed in the novel)who Shan Shan has a crush on. He saw Feng Teng's invitation to Shan Shan for Feng Yue son's 1 month Birthday party (that was a mouthful) and initiated to give it to Shan Shan. At first Shan Shan was super happy that Qi Shuai wanted to talk to her, until she realized that it was for Feng Yue's child, and didn't want to go. But then Qi Shuai told her that he wanted her to be his partner for the night, and he will go pick her up at 6PM.
I thought it was super cute that Shan Shan has a crush on Qi Shuai. He is like our cute second lead, and he is also very likeable.

Cute Moment #3
When Qi Shuai picked up Shan Shan, our main Feng Teng prevented them from having alone time together by making Qi Shuai meet up with him beforehand. Shan Shan was shocked when she saw Feng Teng sitting in the back of the car. Qi Shuai noticed how Feng Teng acts when it comes to Shan Shan and purposely did things to provoke Feng Teng. First he invited her to the party, then he told her to hook arm with him. HAHAHA. This guy doesn't know who he's messing with. I thought Feng Teng's expression was hilarious when Qi Shuai made a peace sign.

Cute Moment #4
Well, the competition didn't stop after Qi Shuai abandoned Shan Shan for other girls. Feng Teng made Shan Shan his new partner and purposely give her food to eat and make her drink his alcohol. Feng Teng is a CEO, but you realized how childish he is, just by seeing the way he competed with Qi Shuai. Qi Shuai texted Feng Teng after seeing how he treated Shan Shan but our main lead purposely ignored Qi Shuai and did it even more. It's kinda like when you were little and someone tell you not to eat the cookies in the jar but that makes you want to eat it even more. HAHAHA.
It's funny when you can definitely tell that Shan Shan was getting drunk. 

Cute Moment #5
Just when Shan Shan thought she escaped receiving daily lunches from our "Da Lao Ban," she got a noticed to come to his office. I thought it was cute that his secretary, Ah Mei, is a strong supporter of TengShan couple. She dragged Shan Shan into in Feng Teng's office. Shan Shan took a good look at Feng Teng's working and was mesmerized by his beauty. She was staring--- yes, girl it's not obvious that you're changing angles while staring at him at all--. She said that she didn't realized that he was that handsome. He also realized how nice his voice is when he called her name.
 that's a good start right? :) She is attracted to his looks.

Cute Moment #6
This one made he laughed so much. So Shan Shan came up with plan that if she fake having a cold, then she wouldn't have to eat lunch with Big Boss anymore, using the excuse that she can get him sick if she eats with him. She assumes that during the time she's sick, he will find another person to pick vegetables for him and he will eventually forget about her existence, since she is a small employee afterall. While she fake being sick, she made noodles for herself and went to her usual lunch location next to Feng Teng's office. She then was so pleased with her "smart plan" and enjoyed her ramen. She did her usual dance, not knowing that Feng Teng found out her entire plan and even danced along with her. THIS WAS CUTEE!!!

Overall: 4.5/5
First five episodes really exceeded my expectations. I mean, the storyline is good already so it was up to the actors to make the novel comes to life. The drama followed the novel quite closely, except Qi Shuai and how big his character is, not like it's bad or anything, since I really like Qi Shuai. I think my favorite moment is definitely when Qi Shuai and Feng Teng childishly compete with each other for Shan Shan at the Birthday Party. :)

Will definitely update more cute moments from ep 6-10 soon. But the episodes come out way too fast. It's 3 episodes per day so I don't even have time to screencap and write. Will be a bit late but definitely will do it.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Asian Drama Challenge Day 5

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Day 5: What is your all time favorite drama?
It's depressing because the drama I'm mentioning is not even a category available in the challenge. It's a Mainland Chinese drama that I dearly Love.
Bu Bu Jing Xin or Startling at Each Steps

It's an amazing piece of work derived from a novel by Tonghua, who is also famous as the author for the upcoming chinese drama Da Mo Yao and Yun Zhong Ge.(which are done filming, and waiting for SAFT to approve/air). Idk how to feel about Da Mo Yao. It is easily one of my top favorite novel by Tong Hua because I'm a sucker for happy ending  and I love Hu Quo Bing as a character. Unlike Ling Gege who was too sacrificing, Meng Jue with a cunning character and heavy responsibility and Si Ye's vengeance and carefulness. Hu Guo Bing was clever but not cunning. He carried heavy responsibility but was willing to let everything go to be with his beloved Jin Yu! Not that the other male leads are not amazing. hahaha

Angelababy in Yun Zhong Ge. For some weird reason, I think she looked so much prettier as an ancient character rather than her modern drama roles.

Maybe my all time favorite will change and DA MO YAO will become my all time favorite once it's air... if it's going to air... but for now, BU BU JING XIN is it!

Tong Hua has this ability to make readers immersed themselves into the world she created. Make them feel every feelings by her characters as if it's their own. The more you read it, the more painful and harder it is continue on because the journey becomes too sad.

My Favorite line in the drama is
"We were destined to meet, destined to fall in love, but not destined to be together."
This completely describes the entire drama. I'm sure many Bu Bu Jing Xin lovers out there can't get enough of this drama, because it is just that good. It's like a magician hat. Right when you think you reach the bottom and there's nothing you can get out of it, more things keeps on pouring out and constantly surprised you. THE ANGST GAME IS SOOO STRONG!!! :(

Best part of this drama.. you have every elements in a typical drama compacted into one.  that makes you feel every existing emotions.
It has the fated true love, time traveling, soulmate best friend, childhood crush, palace scheming, fighting for imperial throne, vengeance. the force kiss, wrist grab, piggy back ride. YOU NAME IT!

I honestly dont know what else to say to praised this masterpiece. This drama doesn't even need promotion because it is just that good. I watched it three years ago but it is still by far my favorite drama that made me cry EVERY SINGLE time I rewatch it (which is like 100times+) 

The plot is complicated. Not to the point of confusion like Inception, but like the Title of the drama, every step have to be carefully taken and every emotions have to be hidden for our leads to survive. IT's SUPER GOOD! :D

The Imperial Doctress Trailer!

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Idk about anyone else, but I'm super excited about the new drama by Liu Shi Shi and Wallace Huo titled The Imperial Doctress. The news confirmed around 2 months ago, but they finally dropped the trailer today!

It's unfortunate that some news from weibo have been saying that Shi Shi and Wallace character won't be the main OTP. That just makes me sad because I watched Strange Heroes Yi Zhi Mei a while back but was disappointed by Tangren's amount of effort of incorporating romance into the drama. I literally got 2 episodes of romance and the rest was all vengeance and solving crimes.

This brings me back to the most recent collab by Wallace Huo and Liu ShiShi in The Incisive Great Teacher. Wallace played the gentleman and perfect boyfriend-material Li Da Ren, who fell in love with the pure hearted Liu Shi Shi playing Lu Yun Fei!
 Yet it was another incident of "have affinity but no fate" as a couple.

I thought the whole thing was quite hilarious since Wallace's character's nickname is "Si Ye" which is Nicky Wu's nickname in the famous heartbreaking drama Bu Bu Jing Xin. The entire existence of Wallace character was to parody Bu Bu Jing Xin's relationship between Si Ye and Ruo Xi. It was quite cute actually.T o be honest, visual wise, Wallace is much more suitable for Shi Shi, since they're both so good looking. But I gotta love LONGSHI! they're super cute in every single interview videos! This parody gave me a chance to get the best of both world. MEHEHEHE!

gif credit: Linggluu@tumblr
All three version! Bu Bu Jing Xin VS Bu Bu Jing Qing VS Incisive Great Teacher.
Parody of the infamous "I'll cover you from the rain with a thin piece of cloth" but in this case, it's with snow instead of rain. LOL

Without further rambling!
here's an awesome trailer of this new drama


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